Company bulletin

The Party branch of the Party group of the provincial company and the party branch of the Longxian branch company carried out the pair construction activities

On October 20, the Party branch of the provincial company went to the Longxian branch company to carry out the branch pair construction activity。

During the exchange, the Party branch of Longxian Branch Company introduced in depth the work of organization construction, party member management, characteristic activities, etc. The two sides exchanged and discussed the standardization construction of the branch, business development and difficult problems that need help to solve。

Mutual representation,Hope to continue to deepen the pair co-construction activities,Through the party group party branch of the provincial company to support the party branch of the company in the standardization of party construction,Effectively promote the subsidiary company to strengthen the party building, promote business work to achieve new results;Through the party branch of the branch company in the grassroots party building work of innovation exploration,Further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of grass-roots Party organizations,At the same time, it is better to timely feedback the problems and deficiencies found in the work back to the provincial company,We will effectively achieve coordination and efficient implementation at the upper and lower levels in development,Promote the two branches to promote each other in the process of high-quality development of the company,Go hand in hand。

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