Company bulletin

Deputy General manager Zhang Yanbing went deep into Yan 'an branch to carry out work research

On October 19, Zhang Yanbing, deputy general manager of the company, led the head of Volkswagen customer operation company, market and product innovation department to Yan 'an Branch to carry out business research。

In the business hall of Hutou Garden, Zhang Yanbing and his party learned about the revenue of the business hall and the marketing of fusion business on the spot, and had face-to-face exchanges with front-line salespeople on the sales of 5G campus cards and the promotion of fusion business。Subsequently, the research team went to the home of the users of the Hutou Garden community to understand the service needs of the users in detail and the problems encountered during use, focusing on the complex problems of TV "nesting doll" charges and TV operation。

In the subsequent business work exchange seminar, the researchers and the branch company focused on the development of mass 5G business, the development of inbound business, the decomposition of annual objectives and tasks, and the difficulties in business development。

Zhang Yanbing required branch one is to vigorously develop mobile network users,Fine to promote the high-quality development of mass business;The second is to continue to follow up and track specific projects,Grasping business development opportunities;Third, we must wall map operations,Keep an eye on the year-end schedule,Solid blasting grid marketing,"Catch every day,Catch every day",Large-scale key development,Full fire sprint annual target mission。

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