Company bulletin

The company participated in the collective reception Day of listed companies in Shaanxi Province in 2023 and the 2022 annual performance presentation

5月16日,It is organized by Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, Shaanxi SASAC, and China Securities Small and Medium Investor Service Center Co., LTD,Shaanxi Listed Company Association and Shenzhen Panorama Network Co., Ltd. hosted the 2023 Collective Reception Day for investors of listed companies in Shaanxi and the 2022 annual performance presentation。The company's deputy secretary of the Party Committee, vice chairman, general manager Han Pu, Chief financial officer Hu Xiaolai and the relevant personnel of the securities investment Department and the finance Department participated in the activity, and the 72 listed companies in Shaanxi Province。

At the meeting, investors actively asked questions on the company's development strategy, broadcasting 5G, financial media, "Xueliang Project", cultural big data and other business development, as well as the integration progress of broadcasting and television nationwide, showing a strong interest in the company's business prospects and core competitiveness。The company staff responded to the questions of investors one by one in detail, and the response rate reached 100%, which was listed as "TOP10 most asked questions" and "TOP10 most replied", achieving friendly communication and good interaction with investors。

This is the 16th consecutive year that the company has participated in the investor collective reception day of listed companies in the jurisdiction, and the collective reception day has become an important measure for the company to strengthen investor relations management。The company will continue as before,Timely response to market and investor concerns through investor hotline telephone, fax, mail, website message board, SSE Interactive, Panorama interactive platform and other channels,Enhance communication with investors,Improve investor recognition of the company,Strive to build a coordinated development, harmonious coexistence of investor relations。

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